11 Oct '12

Comfortable Bright Attic Apartment in Sweden

Delightful recognized in Scandinavian home of beauty and comfort. Located seen on Alvhem miracle design two pieces in the community Orgryte, Gothenburg and Norway has a total area of 55 square measures. As you can see from the photos below, the entire structure motivates a lot of space, because of the bright colors and stylish furniture options. The small average size residence has some of the charming decades-old information that belongs to its impressive buildings since 1928.

Inspire areas clean white perfect atmosphere by visible light pillows, art or agreements. The feeling of relaxation is done by content areas and showed a willingness to Keller charming rose in the third floor of a renovated traditional building understanding. During the day, solar radiation, takes over the house, because of the large, well-placed windows microsoft, but at the same time, innovative style to make a pleasant evening.

Source freshome, Alvhem

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