27 Aug '12

Maximize use of building: Two Townhouse by Alsocan Architect

Jane McDougall alsoCAN Architects has mailed us pictures and details of a project called two townhouses. Designing a townhouse, each a master builder and a plumber with whom they work, manages short architects alsoCAN clients lift townhouses speculation individual being. Plans townhouses began as a reflection space 3 in Richmond, designed with families, but then be modified to suit every customer. A town house remained similar to the original brief, was the other internal corresponds to a change of torque with an adult child. Richmond is an urban area that has been abandoned by families in the suburbs. But they are back in the vicinity of the city and its parks for their outdoor space.

There are a number of pieces from time to time by various members of the family, suggested a study alcove to the backyard and a separate studio space above the garage on the track can be used. A long-term plan is inevitable when thin design houses. The interior is in the center and the introduction of a façade solid stone walls and wooden headboards are treated along the wall to the ceiling. In dark tones: The hottest and spotted gum Blaustein. In the other, light, neutral tones, wood and white limestone. To shed light on the depth map, there is a small light well. The light is pleasant to look at, it is not just a quiet room. Light is a pool tiles spa red / Sun reflection of the water and the splendor of red brick in the living room, look the two sets of photos below, each house! [Producer Patrick McKibbin, PBM Group P / L]

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