4 Sep '12

Modern Scrafano Architects in Los Angeles and Chicago

Scrafano architects makes atmosphere, relaxing, small, comfortable and advanced. Our research and respects the partnership between the designed and natural landscaping. Using its determination to the environmental durability.

We work with clients, professionals and companies, from conception to design, innovative solutions and the unique architecture of search, interior architecture and design projects. Our work encompasses residential, hospitality, retail and other professional projects.

The company, with office buildings in Los Angeles and Chicago led. Elissa Scrafano long been a practicing architect for over 20 years Elissa was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in architecture from the University of Michigan and a Master of Architecture from the Architectural Institute of Southern California (SCI-Arc). She worked in the offices of Frank O. Gehry and Associates, Architects and Eric Owen Moss Architects Narduli Grinstein, prior to creating Scrafano Architects in 1997.

Scrafano Architects has plans in California, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana and Hawaii. Our work continues to be in local guides, regional and country’s as dwell in i4 design, Design Office Interiors West, Midwest Home, Home Chicago, and the Chicago Tribune.

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