9 Jun '13

10 Modern and Luxury Cool Bedrooms

A bedroom is may be a comfort for a person to sleep or work or to spend time. But how can a bedroom be modified according to the weather? Basically it is very easy for a bedroom to be used in winters as it can be covered properly, it can be heated and insulated, but what about the summer, Infect in summer, mostly people have to use the air conditioners to keep their house cool from the outside radiance. This is not affordable by every other person in the world. And therefore this article will provide you with some useful cool bedroom ideas, to keep you cool from the heat outside.

A bedroom must be located in the middle of the house, and must be covered in all sides. Then there must be a veranda in the side or shade which avoids heat to penetrate directly inside the house. Cool bedroom is not so difficult to create. A room can be kept cool, by increase amount of windows all over the walls. At night these windows can be kept open and this allows the wind and cool breeze to pass through and have a cool bedroom.

cool-bedrooms (9)Cool Room Ideas.

cool-bedroomsCool Bedroom Accessories.

cool-bedrooms (1)

cool-bedrooms (2)cool small bedrooms.

cool-bedrooms (3)

cool-bedrooms (4)

cool-bedrooms (5)

cool-bedrooms (6)

cool-bedrooms (7)

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