6 Dec '12

21 Cozy Ideas For Modern Bedroom Designs

The bedroom clearly depicts individual personality and thoughts. Today the inspiration of most of modern bedroom designs come from the hotels with cozy bedding and floral arrangements. Working with a bedroom design is the most important and difficult decision which involves various options as the color, background tone, materials, styles, accessories and lighting. The overall design should be appealing and comfortable. You can mix up various styles depending on the size of your room. The modern bedroom designs are versatile having blank walls, clear lines and minimum decoration.

Use of soft and smooth fabrics is essential for enhancing the appeal and warmth of the room. Silk bed sheets, furry rugs and cotton curtains will provide a comfortable cozy look. Try to place a few pieces of dark and low level furniture. Circular or square shaped beds with high mattresses are in fashion these days. A stylish rug in any shape can add to the beauty and design of the room. The room should have a closet space or a glass wardrobe for storage of various items. A large glass window is enough to provide natural sunlight in the modern bedroom. The ceiling lights and table lamps can also meet the lighting needs if required. Overall the modern bedroom design speaks calm, stylish and inviting atmosphere.

source: decoist, minimalisti

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