15 Jun '13

Teenage Girls Bedrooms: How To Decorate Your Room

Girls are known for their creative and innovative ideas; they generally are very artistic as compared to men. The girls want that everything that belongs to them should be unique and different from others. Similarly every girl wants her room to be beautiful, modern, attractive looking and comfortable.

Teenage girls bedrooms are supposed to be spacious and should have a depiction of a particular theme. The teenage girls bedrooms should be as fresh and stylish as the pretty girls themselves are. The design of a room could vary from girl to girl, especially the selection of theme. Generally, girls prefer popular themes like pink, olive green, purple, white and blue, black and white, red and pink, yellow and skin and many other such themes which depict appealing color combination. The design and interior of a bedroom reflects the personality of a girl. The room should have enough space to keep a bed, small sofa, book rack, study table, a closet, side tables and few other things.

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Some ideas to beautifully decorate the teenage girls bedroom:

  1. The suggested theme is baby pink and light purple color.
  2. The furniture of the room for this theme should be white because it will give an elegant look.
  3. The necessary furniture for a teenage girls bedroom includes bed, side tables, small sofa, closet, study table, books rack/shelve and some other things.
  4. The other items include curtains, carpet piece for center, stuff toys, artificial flowers, mirror, lamp, some photographs and few decoration pieces.
  5. The bed should be placed on the most appropriate place in the room; the most suggested place is the front of the window, so that light and air are proper.
  6. The next step is to place a side table which should also be white and of similar design to that of the bed.
  7. As the color scheme suggested is of baby pink and light purple, the bed sheet should be carefully chooses, it should be either stripped one in pink and purple or of shaded bubbles, these both designs will go well with the chosen color scheme.
  8. The pillows could be simple plain in either of the two colors. The stuff toys that were suggested now can be placed on the bed having same purple or pink color scheme.
  9. The side table will be having a lamp on top of it and it should be white similar to that of the furniture.
  10. The center piece of the carpet should be placed in the center of the color and it can be also either purple or pink.
  11. The book shelves can be place in the corner of the room on the same plane, where the bed is being placed. It should be of white color and can be used for keeping books, some artificial flowers in multicolor. That will enhance the overall look of the room.
  12. The curtains on the window should also be in shades pink and purple colors which are easily available in market.
  13. The sofa should also be in similar combination, and cushions should be pink and purple alternatively.
  14. The photographs can be hanged on walls in different designs.

The suggested design and color combination is perfect for teenage girls bedroom. The very own castle for teenage girl.

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