5 Dec '12

Noguchi Table For Your Homes And Offices

Noguchi table is an excellent choice of very sophisticated and stylish people because it is itself very stylish and elegant. It is based on three pieces, two are curved, solid wood legs that interlock to a tripod for self stabilizing support and the third part is thick glass. It has no match in elegance and it will not be wrong to say that it is a master piece of modern designs of tables. It is ethereal, practical, sturdy and durable table. It is a master piece because of its excellent balance of sculptural form and it’s practical out look. It will really enhance the beauty of your homes and offices.

Noguchi table has been serving its guests since 1948. If we talk about its material it is really made of solid material, and available in four colors, black, walnut, natural cherry and white ash. It has ¾ inches tempered glass. If we talk about its dimensions, it is 50 inches multiplied by 36 inches wide and 16 inches high. It is highly qualify reproduction of the original.


It is Isamu Noguchi style which is really very gorgeous, solid in its structure. You need not to worry about its thickness, it is ¾ inches thick and you need not to be worried about its breakage. It is designed by Isamu Noguchi who was famous Japanese American sculptor. He said that, “Everything is sculpture” and he could get his hands on stone, metal, wood, clay, bone and paper and could create sculptures and he had the unique quality of head and heart to make his elegant position in the world.

Noguchi table has no match in its elegance, its colors has presented different variety especially the ash base is finished with a process that makes the wood in its natural creamy white color that really attract the eyes of its watchers. And walnut color presented a very freshly cut look of the wood that present the very beautiful and delicate look of the table.

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It is made by Herman Miller at the first time and he made it a mixture of form and function. There is agreat type of harmony in its structure that it will really enhance the beauty of your offices and home. When a piece of furniture with the signatures of Isamu Noguchi appears on the longest edge of the glass top and on the medallion to under side of the base, it is the stamp of the original copy of the table.

We are very proud to offer you that kind of Noguchi table that will really make you stylish and elegant. It is really a good choice of your home furniture. It is offered in different affordable prices and we hope that it will make your guest rooms elegant and gorgeous. Buy Noguchi table from the online store. hermanmiller

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