12 Jan '14

Modern and Cozy House at the Coast of San Juan Island

This elegant, contemporary and luxurious house is designed by Prentiss Architects and it is located on the Cliffside in San Juan Island. This two storey building gives you unbelievable living experience with beautiful and enchanting views around it. The house is finished with glass and wood work. Some of the floor to ceiling window gives enlarged view of outside hills and extended sea. The interior of the house is made in beautiful way that you do not feel that you are present on a lone island.

On the ground floor, the house is divided into several portions including living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen and on the first floor, kids play area and other living rooms. There are many terraces to gives stunning look of the house from outside. Small gardens are present around the house to give beautiful look and sense of freshness. Sit near the glassy extensive windows and enjoy with the natural beauty while relaxing there. Stony paths outside the house give new experience while walking over them. This house is also added with a small office and a garage where you can accommodate two or more motor cars. Overall, it is a great house to spend your life away from the polluted and noisy cities.

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