10 Nov '12

Good Looking and Heart Touching Contemporary House Design

The design of the contemporary house has a modern glass act and the gray stone, and even better, of course, a big project so for this characteristic house visual sense. The house builder make this house good looking and heart touching for the comfortable living.

A spear like a bathroom door cedar planks (discussion about the creation of a gateway fantastic!). From the outside, including drama quickly and without the need to vary to a maximum level of functionality.

Decorations are in the traditional earth tones with a modern, simple white background. Lighting are the volumes of residence locking seeps through large windows, these simple decorations Rush with whatever nuances. Simply leaves and landscape points outside the times of change.

Because you keep the house in the living areas, the main ideas of the south yard and fresh streams out of the house to further consolidate natural attraction.

But Mother Nature aside, the architect cleverly open a touch of elegance and sophistication at home taste curved on its conceptual path, glass walls and interiors Barely There offers ultra-modern fireplace. Furniture and lighting complement and extend the house modern style.

Design, implementation kitchen black and beautiful, and of course the spa inspiration (see below), which is a sweet retreat, in fact, at the end of a fireplace.

Source: csarchitect, trendir

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