14 Nov '12

Stylish And Modern House – Montauk In New York

Pryor House is a beautifully attractive design by Bates Masi Sag Harbor designer. Made over a total area of 3,200 square feets on a 1.6-acre Montauk, New York, the home of the big doors is 36 feets wide drive movement of the glass is twice the size distribution site, contains a kitchen and dining room. These glass doors and screens are made of pesticides walls portfolio that makes it to the surrounding atmosphere. The additional rooms range tools, outdoor shower, sand and cloakroom. The window of the living room can be changed by folding of the situation in the ranks of steel beige fabric, so as to allow the optimum amount of sunlight and air. This flexible gadgets create a warm and friendly home and right to adjust the actual living conditions.

source: archgen

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