2 Oct '12

Modern Villa House Design of Jasmine in Argentine

They continue to make interesting interiors to the remotest corners of the known world. Just steps from the Andes in Argentina a romantic secluded villa is a beautiful Jasmine House, where a French family has a unique and stunning mini-hotel created. This historic manor house, recently renovated, is a beautiful blend of svererno, Argentine culture and cozy comfort of the best boutique hotels in the world. It does not matter, you have come here for a romantic loneliness, the desire to learn more about Argentina or simply spending time with friends know, this is a wonderful place to be a blessing, and you will. Using his charm.

House interior design

White and brown bedroom design

Beautiful simple bedroom

Very simple white bedroom design ideas

bathroom cabinet


Outdoor living room

Swimming Pool

Living room


bedroom design

Red and white bedroom

source House of Jasmine

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